Busan, the second part

On the next day – January 24th – once again we went to meet William. He was going to give an English lesson, but at the same time he was so kind that he offered to take us in his car to the Busan museum . The museum was free – in South Korea they are usually free. Inside there were interesting historical exhibits , ranging from the ancient history of these lands to modern times, all presented in a way encouraging to immerse within the Korean history.

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On the next day, January 24th, the smell of frying bacon woke us up. Patrick made ​​us breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon and toasts. It tasted great, especially because in the last 3 months every morning I ate rice for breakfast. It was recently after my stay in Japan and the deficit of meat. ( My Japanese family rarely ate meat when I came to Tokyo to see my brother the first thing I did is I went to konbini and bought three hot dogs on a stick ). So when the meat appeared, a big smile on my face appeared as well (I am such a savage !).

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