Macaroni with sand

Welcome to the second post about Gran Canaria (here first).Because the Canaries are islands of the tricky etymology I’ll add that they form part of the Macaronesia. Macaronesia should be a place built of macaroni, right? Or at least full of Italian grannies cooking it constantly in great pots just next to even bigger pots with tomato sauce? Nope, it’s language trap again. Makárōn nêsoi  means “islands of the fortunate” in Greek (all the best to our favourite Greek girl – Evi!). I would like to eat macaroni that would make my happy every day : ) meanwhile we were really feeling fortunate people on Gran Canaria.

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Island of the Dogs

I was dreaming about the summer and it was going away! In my free time I was checking flights and one day I found a good deal. Gran Canaria. 50 euro, return ticket. “Let’s go there” I told to Jakub, and he agreed indifferently. Did he not believe me? I often tell him about flight deals, all over the world. This time I really meant it and after I bought the tickets I was already on the island (but first only in my imagination).

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Under the Moroccan sky

First part.

We took our things and went to Kamal’s car. While we were sitting in the back, excited he said to us:

So we are going deep into the desert, and that’s going to cost you 30 euro each.’

There was something we didn’t know. Kamal had his own business, and he used CouchSurfing for finding new clients

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On the other side of the Atlas

After 12 hour bus ride through the Atlas mountains we finally got off in Tagounite. We looked around feeling unsecure. A total stranger wearing djellaba and turban approached us saying something in French, something we could not understand. He wasn’t a taxi driver but we went to his car anyway. He was trying to talk with us, but after some time realizing we couldn’t communicate he stopped. It was dark as hell, and we were going to the dessert. There were no buildings around. Sand. Sand everywhere. We didn’t know where we were going. We were scared and exited at the same time. Finally something appeared in a far distance. It looked like a castle made from the sand. It was kasbah. Real kasbah in the middle of the dessert.

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6 Awesome Korean Dishes

Before coming to South Korea I hadn’t known much about this country, neither about its cuisine. (Well once two Korean guys cooked for me and Jakub, but they used Polish ingredients mostly so I don’t know if that counts). I had been in Japan before South Korea and everything seemed so perfect there. I said to myself ‘I’m going to South Korea but probably food won’t be as good as in Japan.’ Oh how wrong I was! I’m not vegan but in Japan I was eating a lot of vegetables (sometimes fish too) I liked it but I knew that deep inside I missed meat and later on I landed in Seoul Incheon…

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Escape from Hong Kong

I couldn’t wait to see Hong Kong. It’s not because it was our last stop and China gave us a hard time. As a movie lover I absolutely adore Cantonese movies. One of my favorite directors is Wong Kar-Wai. Kar Wai’s first film which I’ve watched was Chungking Express. It made a huge impression on me, and I felt in love with its atmosphere. I watched it over and over again, every time imagining that I’m walking along the streets of Hong Kong.

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