About us

Polacos de Polonia is a blog dedicated to our experiences with travels. We don’t think, that the places that we have visited are the wildest in the world, we didn’t really discover any virign islands, mountains or forests. Some of the stories may be actually a bit boring. However writing a blog is a great fun for us and a way to preserve our memories from being forgotten. Recently there are more and more travel blogs. In our opinion it’s a great phenomenon! Travels can change a person. Sometimes even for the better. For this reason we encourage everybody – be open for the world, take your backpacks on your arm and your smile on your face and go to conquer our beautiful planet. If you will find a useful information or get a feeling of inspiration from the descriptions of our little adeventures we will burst with pride!

What Jowita wrote about Jakub:

If he had superpowers he would have changed the world for the better, he’s worried he doesn’t have enough time to read all the books he always wanted to read before his death, a writer to be, setting a high bar for himself, a dreamer, he talks a lot (sometimes wisely, sometimes foolishly). He remembers who fought in the Battle of Vienna but forgets what he did yesterday.

What Jakub wrote about Jowita:

If she had superpowers, probably she wouldn’t get out of bed anyway (but once she comes out, she is empathic). Appreciates traditional values, but also the beer and good food. She watches films that nobody knows and listens to bands before they become popular while she’s not really a hipster type. She’s usually calm, but she stops being calm when she gets upset.

We met over 8 years ago (2005), married more than three years ago (2011). From now on we are best friends for each other and so much more. Travel from the beginning was part of our common life, as there was a distance of 500 km between us – in Polish conditions, half a day’s journey. The reason to travel was love. Since we live together, we travel to explore the world and collect memories that – if God wills – we will one day tell our grandchildren by the fireplace

Why our blog is called Polacos de Polonia?

 While we were living in Spain, many people asked us about our origin. We were answering ‘Somos Polacos’ which means ‘We are Polish’ but what surprised us was another question ‘Pero Polacos-Catalanes o Polacos de Polonia?’ (‘But Polish-Catalans or Polish from Poland’).
Why are Catalans called polacos?
  • Some people say, that Catalans have been called “polacos” because they are… frugal – they work a lot and they save their money;
  • The other theory says that it’s caused by numerous similarities in the mentality and history of Poland and Catalan;
  • Another version says, that one day during the fighting, fascists mistook Poles with Catalans, which is rather unlikely because people who took part in the fights came from other nations like French, Germans, British and Italians in much greater extent than Polish;
  • The most famous and the most likely theory says, that “polacos” nickname came with language differences between Spanish and Catalan. Many opinions say that thisname came from the fact that during the military service by the Catalans in other parts of Spain, their local colleagues one day said that “those people from Barcelona and the surrounding area, speak in a such a strange, incomprehensible language like Poles.”Source: http://foreignlanguagesreview.com/polacos-in-catalonia/

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. hej!
    trafiliśmy przypadkiem na Waszego bloga i musimy przyznać, że jest super 🙂
    już Was zasubskrybowaliśmy na Facebooku, mamy nadzieję, że zostaniemy w kontakcie!


  2. Ja jak mieszkala w bacelonie bylam przez rodkwitych katalan poinformowana ze nazywanie barcelonczykow polacos to obelga. Tak kiedys wyzywali ich kibice real madrit. Ponoc barcelonczycy jak i polacy sa zawsze ostatni i gorzej traktowani.


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