Polish tourists, Chinese channels and milk tea

Journey from Nanjing to Danyang was short and without any troubles. We chose the cheapest class of Chinese trains – ” K” . Polish girls met in Qufu warned us about low standard, but to us it seemed like a standard of Polish regional train (still Chinese are faster!!). The only thing that worried us was that there was not names of the station on display, so we showed the phrase from our guidebook to passengers “Please tell me when we arrive to my station” . Chinese people sitting next to us showed their tickets, they were going to Danyang as well.

In Danyang Michał was waiting for us – our very good friend. He told us many of his interesting experiences (if you are curious , Michał described it on his blog). Our friend pulled all the strings and arranged for us a super attractive offer for a room in a 5 star hotel. Of course, we loved breakfast the most! The buffet had everything from fried salmon and shrimps, dumplings and rice – traditionally eaten for breakfast by Chinese and more European-style breads and all the possible extras. We got up from the table with big, big difficulty.
We visited Suzhou with Michał, a city famous for its picturesque canals and boats with tourists. Suzhou is called the Venice of the East and it deserves it : ) The weather was nice, though later it started snowing – again we saw Chinese people very enthusiastic about the snow. We were walking and wandering through the narrow streets away from the main attractions, where perhaps Polish foot had never stood. It was interesting to see the laundry hanging in front of houses directly on the sidewalk. We saw how Chinese rode a motorcycle straight to home. We saw a beautiful Couple’s Retreat Garden; unfortunately, we didn’t think it was Monday and museums were closed in Suzhou ( in the museum of silk apparently you could see the live silkworms ; it would be a nice change, after seeing the Korean silkworm fried and eaten by Jowita) .
This didn’t prevent us to enjoy each other’s company, and tea with milk. This drink accompanied us already in Qufu . But it was in Zhenjiang where we went to CoCo. On the day of our arrival Michael took us to Zhenjiang and there we found this place – Taiwanese network Coco. We don’t even know what to call this type of place – cafe ? Tearoom? Tea with milk is served there with various additions – including sweet beans and rice pearls and in many versions – Rooibos, Japanese Matcha tea with red dates and many others. Prices of drinks start from 7 yuan which attracted us even more. Kuba became a real fan! From that moment, in every new city he was looking for the characteristic orange logo Coco and was delighted that he could drink and at the same time eat what’s inside!

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