Polish tourists, Chinese channels and milk tea

Journey from Nanjing to Danyang was short and without any troubles. We chose the cheapest class of Chinese trains – ” K” . Polish girls met in Qufu warned us about low standard, but to us it seemed like a standard of Polish regional train (still Chinese are faster!!). The only thing that worried us was that there was not names of the station on display, so we showed the phrase from our guidebook to passengers “Please tell me when we arrive to my station” . Chinese people sitting next to us showed their tickets, they were going to Danyang as well.

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The chaotic journey to Nanijng

The next stage of our journey was to be Nanjing (Nanking). We had already seen Beijing – the northern capital (Bei means north), we wanted to see the southern too. Due to a considerable distance, we decided to take the train once again. We didn’t want to go to the train station to buy the ticket (in Beijing when we stood in the line to pick up a ticket booked previously through the Internet, people entered the queue from the right and from the left side and not only ;-)), and we read in our guidebook that it is possible to get the tickets for a small commission in special ticket offices (tickets then are not blue but red and are validated by a person not the machine).

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