Confucius in snow

Inside the bus there was very little space, I tried to sleep but couldn’t because of the very loud movie. Everyone had speakers overhead and the sound couldn’t be regulated. Kuba couldn’t listed to his audiobook – “The Witcher” in Russian because of this loudness. After 4 or 5 hours we arrived at the station. In Zibo was cold, but in Qufu was much colder.

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The taste of Chinese hospitality

We were a little bit nervous before travelling by train in China, mainly because of the language barrier. The station (Beijing South) was very modern and the train looked like rocket and it was moving with the speed of the rocket as well (300km/h). Standard inside was pretty ok, but there was no soap in the toilet.

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Welcome to China!

China welcomed us stressfully. We flew there with the China Southern airlines, initially we were satisfied with the flight. We even got a warm meal. But then… In general, I’m not afraid to fly, but when the greatest turbulences that I’ve ever had the “pleasure” to experience started I didn’t feel nice. I felt the familiar adrenaline rush and started analyzing the situation with a sense of fear. First of all, I thought with horror how much would a transport of our corpses cost and how sad our parents would be. That drama ended with landing at Beijing airport.

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Farewell with South Korea

We wanted to go to Seoul by hitchhiking , but we gave up. We didn’t find any tips on the internet , and our host Jason discouraged us, suggesting that Koreans are not familiar with the hitchhiking and that they could be afraid of us. We heard earlier about the successful stories of hitchhikers from Korea, but we gave up after previous good experiences with Korail – Korean railways – we have decided to train.

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Our first thought of Daegu was associated with the fact that Korean exchange students came to Gdańsk from University of Daegu (Kyungpook National University. As usual in Korea – we didn’t know what to expect. Once again we slept in an American English teacher’s house. Jason didn’t have too much time for us, because every day he worked till late, but during his spare time he told us very interesting stories of his travels .


We said goodbye to Busan with wonderful smell of pancakes fried on butter by Jowita. The three of us went to the subway station and there we said goodbye – Jowita with her brother, and I with my brother in law. Norbert was going to Seoul to airport because of his flight to Scotland, we were going to the bus to Gyeongju .
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Busan, the second part

On the next day – January 24th – once again we went to meet William. He was going to give an English lesson, but at the same time he was so kind that he offered to take us in his car to the Busan museum . The museum was free – in South Korea they are usually free. Inside there were interesting historical exhibits , ranging from the ancient history of these lands to modern times, all presented in a way encouraging to immerse within the Korean history.

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