Last week in Japan

As you may know already from facebook fanpage we are both in South Korea, we met after 3 months of separation. This means that I left Japan .. I’m still very close to it but I miss it so much, and I see a lot of differences between Japan and Korea. However, I would like you to write how I spent the last week in Japan.

On Monday January 13th, I took a train from Mito to Tokyo. I went to a cozy hotel BlueWave Inn Asakusa (I recommend it, reasonable price and great location) which was near the Senso -ji shrine. Thanks to the location of the hotel I could stroll all afternoon in the Asakusa district, which I love. Tokyo is a huge city, but you don’t feel it in Asakusa. There are many temples, rickshaw, peace and quiet ! In the evening, my brother came. My brother played a big role in my interest in Japan. It was him who showed me my favorite anime, askids we watched Dragon Ball together, so I was glad that he flew to Japan.

In Tokyo, we spent three days trying to see as much as possible. Most of those places which I showed to my brother I’d already seen but it was something left. Studio Ghibli Museum.

I love Hayao Miyazaki’s movies and other directors of studio that’s why I couldn’t wait to visit this museum . I bought tickets much earlier in the Lawson store. The museum is located outside of Tokyo, in the Mitaka which can be easily reached by JR train from Shibuya . From there we took a bus. Unfortunately, it was forbidden to take pictures inside and I was under the influence of great emotions, so I don’t remember exactly everything what was there. All I know is that it was the best museum I’ve been to in my life. I liked the most that there were Hayao Miyazaki’s inspirations. For example old photograph , on one of them I saw a girl with a bow and a broom , which looked like Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service . In addition, you could see how a movie is made – from sketch to animation and even the studio where Hayao works. There was even a cat bus from Totoro but only small kids could enter 😦 At the end we watched a 20 – minute animation that you can only see in a museum. This animation was about a girl who had a dog. One day he got lost and was trying to find her. Simple story but beautiful drawing and melody .

In the morning, on January 17th we drove to the Narita airport. We had a plane to Osaka. Why the airplane? Because it was very cheap ! For one ticket with luggage, Peach Aviation airlines, we paid 4,000 yen while the same journey by train costs about 10 thousands yen. From Kansai airport we went directly to Kyoto. I couldn’t wait for Kyoto as well. We slept there in the real CouchSurfing house! Japanese guy Soji shared his additional house only for CouchSurfers, and there already slept over 2,000 people. On the walls were many thanks and wishes. City of Kyoto was beautiful, but we were walking all days and we were tired. One evening we were able to see a Geisha, moving very rapidly among streets of Gion.

On January 19th we returned to Osaka, where we were very positively surprised with the price of food . We met up with American girl Lauren and together we saw the castle and found restaurants where they served delicious ramen! The next day we went up into the air again and landed in Seoul. It was snowing and it was very cold, but I was thinking that very soon I would see another Polaco , my husband 🙂


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