Hello South Korea!

We landed in Seoul on January 20th. As we drove to the center it was white outside of the windows because of the fog and snow. Our hostel was very close to the main station. It was cozy, and very warm . In Korea, the apartment is heated from the floor and the shower is in the same part as toilet no cabin so everything is wet later. We were pretty hungry so we looked for something to eat. In Korean I knew only two words – Anyounghaseyo (good morning !) And kimchi (fermented vegetables, usually cabbage).

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Last week in Japan

As you may know already from facebook fanpage we are both in South Korea, we met after 3 months of separation. This means that I left Japan .. I’m still very close to it but I miss it so much, and I see a lot of differences between Japan and Korea. However, I would like you to write how I spent the last week in Japan.

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Nanakusa no sekku

Hello, let’s go to the table !
Today is January 7 – jinjitsu 人日and seven plants day is celebrated:
Nanakusa no Sekku 七草 の 節句
Today Japanese eat rice porridge nanakusa gayu 七 草 粥 from freshly harvested plants. Early in the morning we went to the bamboo forest to search these plants. But what kind of plants ?

New Year’s Celebration

At the beginning, I would like to wish you all the best in the New Year. That all your dreams come true ! Because the feeling of fulfilling a dream is amazing. Year 2013 was exiting for both me and Jakub. We visited many countries, but Japan will remain the most important for me. I will never forget what I felt sitting in a restaurant, in Tokyo when I realized that I was in Japan – the country of my dreams. I ‘m still here ! On this occasion I would like to describe to you how New Year is celebrated in Japan.

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