You know that feeling when you feel that time passes quickly ? Mostly this feeling occurs when we do interesting activities when we feel good, or when we write a thesis^ ^ I came here on November 30 .. and it’s already a December 18th ! How fast it has passed.

Where am I and why time flies ?

At the moment, I’m writing this post in English class in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture. We are waiting for the boy who should come for a lesson. But it’s raining heavily, and we are worried that Koshiro will arrive soaked.We are worried .. we ! Me and Masako who posted the ad on WWOOF that she accepts volunteers to help in the classroom. Koshiro’s mother called. Koshiro is not coming. That’s not bad​​, I have time to write. Recently I didn’t have time ..

As I wrote before – I came here on November 30th earlier than planned (because the previous host drove me to the station much earlier ) . I wrote sms to Masako , but as I got off the train noone was waiting for me. I tried to call , but I had no signal . At the station besides me there was one person playing with the phone. I sat down beside her and waved theatrically with my phone showing how I’m looking for a range. She didn’t pay attention to me so my broken Japanese had to enter the game. It worked, I think she understood because she gave me her phone. And 15 minutes later Masako appeared. Tomiya – previous host greeted me coldly, and Masako threw herself at me with a smile from ear to ear . She thanked me that I came to her house (well it’s me who should thank! ). I should not create my approach towards others because of emotions they show because Japanese generally exhibit facial indifference and after all they are fantastic people. Manifested joy could be only out of courtesy but I didn’t think about it and I was glad that I had been so well welcomed . In the car Masako told me that the next day there would be a festival in which we would take part and then a welcome party for me ! It was going to be fun!

In the house whole family greeted me. In addition to Masako, mother – who is a English teacher, working at community center organising festivals and loves Micheal Jackson there are also :

-Dad, Hiroshi – working on site, at home in the evenings but always cheerful because after working visits izakaya (traditional Japanese pub)

-Grandma, Obaasan – has 83 years, still working in the field, drives a car, does a physical exercise . Loves to watch ice skating on TV. I can’t understand her Japanese. I said that to Masako and she laughed saying that sometimes she doesn’t understand grandma neither because she speaks in a dialect.

-The oldest daughter, Yumina – 20 years, working in two places at the same time to save up money for a college, plays electric guitar, likes hard rock, has a room full of manga (mostly Death Note and Dragon Ball), her favorite movie is Back to the Future, we watch together Breaking Bad

-Son Shogo – 19 years, also earns money for college working in izakaya . In Japan, legally you can consume alcohol from 20 years of age , but this does not mean that 19-years old guy can not pour alcohol for others 😉 He is interested in football, when I asked which famous Polish he knows he responded Lewandowski ! When I heard that he is interested in physics too I said ‘Science bitch’ because he likes Breaking Bad too 😀

-Second daughter Natsumi – 14 years, Natchi (diminutive) loves Dragon Ball, judo and Spyair music band, all day singing their songs and I began to sing them too ..

In addition to the crazy little family there are also a rabbit and dozens of African frogs !

On that day, Hiroshi had a birthday and surprisingly he only invited me and Masako to izakaya . There were his colleagues and they were asking a lot of questions. When I told them that during winter Baltic sea freezes they responded “Eeeeeee “, which I hear quite often in Japan. That is exciting surprise. I do not know if it can be determined otherwise . We had a nice time drinking TARUHAI (drink composed of: vodka , lemon, soda), eating sushi and sweet potatoes (batatas which I love and are popular here!) The next day there was a festival , I made a video which you can see here below. I will say right away – our performance is not there. We sang a song If you happy and you know it clap your hands ! Mayor himself sang with us! There was also small interview with volunteers 🙂


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