With Nao (CouchSurfing user, Japanese and a student during holidays) I had a meeting at the main entrance to the station of Akihabara. I reached that station on time but didn’t take into account that it would be so big and for a moment I stood at the wrong entrance. When I realized that I quickly I found a good place, and there I found him.

Akihabara is a paradise for anime, manga , jpopu and electronics lovers. Here you can read manga and buy it (also used one and in excellent condition!) . You’ll buy here anime as well, but that ‘s just the tip of the iceberg. What really Akihabara hides are fan shops and arcades. Here you can find clothes for cosplay and feel like a real aristocrat in one of the many maid cafes ( the waitresses are dressed as maids and play your service, they treat you like their master).

Game saloons offer showers and some have a bed (because you can go for an hour or two for a sleep and then get up and play again !) . The most popular game is Pachinko. To play that you need metal balls (which you can buy in the game saloon ) and you can win metal balls too but then you can be exchange them for rewards (for example a watch) because gambling is illegal in Japan . But what’s interesting near the game saloon you can exchanged it for cash . And what everybody knows Pachinko rooms are controlled by the Yakuza ( Japanese Mafia ).

You’ve heard the expression Otaku ? This term refers to a person who is fascinated .. exactly by what? At the beginning his term referred to the fans of anime and manga , now it is not entirely certain. Nomura Research Institute, divided this term into 12 different from each other definitions. Otaku may also be interested in electronics or computer games and Jpop . Because Jpop fans will also find something for themselves. We randomly went with Nao to several-floors store that was entirely (I repeat, several floors ! ) dedicated to only one band. The band is called AKB48 and it has … 89 members . All Girls and they are super cute ( too much cute) . Most of their fans are men. The store had also a theater where girls have performances there every day ( after all, they can change with each other, there are 89 of them ^ ^ )
Akihabara is a district for the adult clients too. The Japanese have a very exuberant imagination and in sex shops you can find all kinds of things. I didn’t explore availability of products. I know only that Japan has currently negative population growth rate, a lot of Japanese people don’t have regular partners and sex shop help them satisfy their sex drive.
Akihabara is also full of shops where you can find the latest inventions in the field of electronics. You don’t need to buy them right away, you can try first 😉
Walking around that neighborhood all the time I could hear in my head the text from one movie. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I had in front of my eyes a scene from Kiler (Polish comedy, super funny!) “They have a momentum motherfuckers” (and this is because the day before my departure we watched with Kuba that movie to not be sad !)
Watch two movies more, made in Akihabara (by me!):



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