Moments of terror

That day I woke up even later, at 2pm .. I think I still had symptoms of jetlag. I decided to explore the area of my hotel. I read that there is a temple near and I went to see that. It was a Shintoist shrine , like most of the shrines in Japan.

In general, at the entrance to the temple there is a gate – Torii, and behind it there are dangerous statues that have to scare off evil forces. Before prayer, hands should be washed. An interesting feature of prayer is clapping and hitting the gong .

It was raining and I started to be hungry. It was 5 pm and I was without food ! I dreamed about something warm.. and I saw a charming place . There were many Japanese coming inside , and the prices listed out- quite affordable. I went in, the staff began to bow and greet me very loud but they didn’t speak English . Fortunately, they were pictures ! I chose ramen – dish consisting of chicken soup, pasta and what else your heart desire. The picture looked very nutritious. I did not wait long and after a while I got what I ordered . It was quite pretty , although I already the red lamp lit inside my by looking at these strange pieces of meat. I don’t know what it was, maybe pork skin .. The taste was awful , so I tried to avoid eating these pieces. In fact -it was nutritious, I didn’t finish it and I paid 570 yen ( 18 zł ) .

After eating, I went to the next meeting. This meeting like the previous meetings were arranged by couchsurfing. I have already written a note about couchsurfing (here) . I remain loyal fan of this page and still believe in this service (despite the many changes ) . That evening, I had an appointment with some Japanese . We went for a coffee. Ah , coffee … I didn’t drink it in three days and I really missed her. And they had free refills. So I drank and drank and drank . We had a great talk. We talked about our countries, about living abroad, the Shinto religion, etc, etc. As I wrote earlier to him I had to go back about 10pm, because my hotel was going to be closed at 11pm. When I was getting ready to leave he started to be strange Irritated . When we left I heard he was going to go with me to the hotel. Then I got a sexual proposal . When I began to strongly refuse it, he began to be aggressive. Maybe not much, but firmly pulled my jacket and said I had to not move. At that point I started to be aggressive and I even picked up an aggressive voice. This brought him the ground because in the end he gave up and even showed me the way to the subway station . Anyway, we were in the center and what is interesting I had a weapon ( pepper gas is illegal in Japan , considered to be a weapon – I wonder how I managed to bring it in? ) .

When I went to my room , I started to analyze the situation. My head started to spinning and I realized that I went out twice to the bathroom and left all my stuff with him (including coffee ! ) . Maybe he added something to my coffe? He knows my hotel, maybe he’s already standing at the door ? I thought of all the Japanese gore movies that I watched. Gore is horror genre of movie with a lot of blood . A lot of murder, sadism and rape. Japanese gore is realistic and it is easy to imagine it all . I thought about Shiryo no wana (directed by Toshiharu Ikeda ), which is about the murder of a young woman (scenes from the movie available here). I also remembered Nekeddo buraddo : Megyaku (dir. Hisayasu Sato), the scene without blood here and a lot of other (Such as Iki – jigoku or Guinea Pig). I realized that I should be more careful here. Japan seemed so safe, and already on the third day he meets uncomfortable situation happend. After all, it didn’t end badly and enriched me with new thoughts (every situation teaches you!)


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