Why Japan?

I’m not sure when my fascination with the country of the Rising Sun began. 10 years ago? 11? I do not remember the exact date but I remember what it felt like, the first contact with the country. Japan seemed to me to be a country not of this Earth. Everything was so different and compelling.

I immersed myself in this culture by watching movies, anime, listening to music, reading books, manga and even learning a little bit of language… Although Japan has been very close to me at the same time has been far away. I secretly hoped that maybe one day I could go there. I bought ticket in May. It was very spontaneous, but at the same time discussed with my husband whom I had to leave to fulfill my dream. Despite the fact that I bought ticket in May I started preparing in September. After purchasing a ticket, in the same month, my health got worse. I will not describe here the details, I just wanted to illustrate the situation prior to departure. My trip came into question. After surgeries I was waiting for a decision … and I heard that I can go !
And here I am. In my Japan. My foot stepped on Japanese ground exactly on 02.11 at 11:20 ( Japan time ). In Japan I plan to be up to 20th of January. So what I will do during this time ? First I stay in Tokyo, till 11.11 then I’m going to Maebashi, where I’m going to work in a traditional Japanese inn – ryokan. For free because it is voluntareeing organized by WWOOF.


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