Being a Gaijin

I will not write what I did every day , because I have to admit that the next few days in Tokyo I struggled with insomnia and I was sleeping until the afternoon, late afternoon. I am ashamed because I ‘ve wasted a few days. I woke up late and I was already tired ! So I was strolling through neighbourhood, I was walking near the harbor, I was taking pictures..

As I was walking, I passed a school trip, actually pre-school (all in uniforms !). Kids not yet fully adapted to life in Japanese society began staring at me, surprised and smiling. When I went next to them I heard the word ” gaijin ” (pronounced Guy-Gin ). What does it mean and why they named me like this ?

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With Nao (CouchSurfing user, Japanese and a student during holidays) I had a meeting at the main entrance to the station of Akihabara. I reached that station on time but didn’t take into account that it would be so big and for a moment I stood at the wrong entrance. When I realized that I quickly I found a good place, and there I found him.

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That night I didn’t sleep at all . But thanks to that I was able to talk with my family (because of the time difference we often have a problem with that) and to pack my things, because I had to change accommodation. I was going to the apartment of two working Japanese, located in another district, 40 minutes by Metro. Due to the fact that they leave apartment before 8am, from the hotel I went out already at 6 and … I was surprised.

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Tokyo, day one

After arrival, I had to go through the immigration procedure. Each employee was sitting in white surgical mask. I had already read about it before, but to see it live was even more interesting. They took my fingerprints, took a photo of me (in flower frame ), I had to sign that I am not carrying prohibited items ( an’t even remember what things were written there ), write how much money I have with me, where I stay and for how long. In Japan without a visa you can be 90 days, and so I wrote 90 days. Soon after I went to the toilet …

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